Activities of the Dutch Roadrullers organisation

Many different activities are organised by members from the Club.

Some examples:


  • Steamrallies

    On several places in the Netherlands (but also in surrounding countries) are organised events and rallies where you can see the steamengines in action. (see calendar)

  • Roadrun

    Each year the Roadrollersclub organises a roadrun for its members. A full day steaming in a nice part of the Dutch country. A mix of rollers, traction engines and scale models can be seen in full action. A very good occasion to make nice pictures and videofilms of steam in action.

    This whole day event is a must for each member of the club! Of course, other steam lovers are also welcome!

  • Closure of the season

    A social event, a perfect combination of a cosy get together, an auction, showing steamvideos and a good dinner!

  • Annual General Meeting

    The AGM is always held in a place of interest for the steamengine lover.

  • Periodic Inspection

    The Stoomwalsenclub supports and mediates in the periodic inspection required by law of Dutch steamengines owned by Clubmembers.

  • Courses

    The Stoomwalsenclub stimulates its members to follow courses re the theory and practice how to operate a steamengine. It is the intention that this will also improve the safe operation of steam engines.

  • Magazine “Op Stoom”

    Four times per year this magazine gives all the news of Dutch steam activities, beautiful pictures and interesting articles.

    There is always someone in your surroundings who can read Dutch and translate this Dutch magazine for you! (Dutch people are spread all over the world!)

  • And lots more

    Those are only some examples from the activities that are organised by members from the Club.

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